Friday, July 8, 2016

My New Blog : Linux Code Monkey

For several years I have been a multi-platform, multi-language guy, and I do a lot of work on Windows, but when I can, I find I enjoy working on Linux,  and these days, I think that a lot of the momentum in the world of development, especially in the web and big data world, is on Linux.

This blog will be about the things I like:

  • Linux distributions, used for development and experimentation.
  • Virtualization technologies on Linux such as KVM 
  • Big Data and Cluster Scale Technologies
  • And a whole pile of programming languages, including:
    • C# (One of my favorite languages, and now thanks to .net core and core run on Linux, and C#+mono has been around on Linux for years)
    • Rust
    • Swift
    • Go (Something I'm just starting to learn)
    • Ruby (Also just starting to learn)
    • Python (My absolute favourite programming language these days, on Linux, and on Windows)
    • And maybe even someday a little Pascal (if Delphi ever ships a linux version, or if I feel like messing around with FreePascal and Lazarus some more, I will do so on my other blog, because lots of people who are Pascal-only developers probably only want to follow that blog.)

Here are the things I'm playing around with these days, and plan to blog about soon:

  • OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, a bleeding edge rolling release distribution.
  • Python on Linux, for Analytics and Data Science
  • ASP.NET Core and C# on Linux.  I've been building it from github sources because Tumbleweed is too bleeding edge to work with the binaries that you can download from MS.
  • Rust, a really cool programming language.
  • Swift, a cool iOS/OSX programming language that you can now program on Linux.  If you want to do some cool Swift programming on Windows, you can check out this awesome Silver language at RemObjects
  • I'm going to be playing around with RemObjects's new native stuff as well, with a primary focus on using it on Linux and on Mac.   I will probably post some Mac stuff on this blog such as using RemObjects cool Fire IDE
  • I actually do a lot of mobile stuff on my own time and I probably will post about that stuff on here too.
  • If I have anything to say about Delphi or Pascal languages I'll probably still post that on my Delphi blog.